SE Uplift Sustainability Workshop – Space available!

February 13, 2013 by

SE Uplift is holding their second Quarterly Sustainability Workshop this coming Saturday, February 16th. The event will focus on working with the city to create neighborhood green spaces. There is still space available, and they would love to invite more Buckman residents to the workshop. Read on for details!

Greenspace & Working with the City Workshop
Saturday, February 16th, 2013 // 10am -12:30pm
3534 SE Main St
Portland, OR 97214

Could your neighborhood use more greenery? What if that gravel parking lot was a pocket park or that troublesome alleyway an orchard?

If you are at all interested in creating new community green space or improving existing spaces in your neighborhood – we have the workshop for you!

Please join Southeast Uplift for our second Quarterly Sustainability Workshop, highlighting green spaces and working with the city, including pocket parks, urban orchards and alley gardens on Saturday, February 16th, 2013.

With project presentations, networking opportunities and useful tips, this free workshop will provide participants with the inspiration and practical tools they need to create alternative green spaces in their own neighborhoods!

For more information and to register, please visit:

*Space is limited, so register soon!


New Apartments and Parking: Updated FAQ

January 29, 2013 by

The City recently provided us with an updated FAQ on parking requirements for new apartment developments. The document is attached below. Here’s the text of the City’s e-mail:

Attached please find an updated copy of the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) memo.  The memo includes three new questions (#1, #2 and #3).  Question #1 includes information from the November 13th Planning and Sustainability public forum and the January 10th City Council session.  It also includes information on next steps.  Question #7 has been updated to include four additional upcoming apartments: three on N Mississippi and one on N Vancouver.

A proposed set of near-term regulatory changes will be released the beginning of February 2013.  A public hearing with the Planning and Sustainability Commission is now scheduled for March 12, 2013 at 12:30 p.m. at 1900 SW 4th Avenue, Room 2500 A.  Public testimony on the draft proposal will be invited at the hearing.  Longer term solutions will be discussed as part of the Comprehensive Plan Update.

New apartments and parking January 2013

Free Notarization for Objections to the Proposed Buckman Historic District

January 24, 2013 by

As you may have heard by now, Historic Buckman submitted an application to have portions of the Buckman neighborhood designated as a National Historic District.

Some neighbors are opposed to the Historic District designation, for reasons primarily based around the design review process and associated fees that would come with it.

Neighbors who wish to register their objection to the application must submit a notarized objection form. Buckman residents Greg Moulliet and Sheila Baraga are hosting notaries at their homes this weekend, for anyone who wants to come by, fill out an objection form, and have it notarized. You can find more details at Keep Buckman Free.

(NOTE: In order to stop the proposed Historic District, 50% of Buckman property owners + 1 must submit a notarized objection form. So, if this is something you feel strongly about, be aware that every objection counts!)

Saturday January 26, 2013
From 10AM to 1PM
1524 SE Ash St

Sunday January 27, 2013
From 1PM to 4 PM
423 SE 15th Ave

You can read more about the Open Houses and the Buckman Historic District at these links:

Keep Buckman Free –

Historic Buckman –

Survey on recent apartment building development projects

November 1, 2012 by

We recently heard from a Buckman resident about an online survey that was put together by a group of community members who are concerned about the recent spate of new apartment building developments without off-street parking. Read on for details:

Neighborhood Apartment Parking Survey
Sponsored by Citywide Land Use Group

Dear Neighbors and Community Leaders:

Our Portland community is experiencing unprecedented growth in the development of apartment buildings that include little or no off-street parking. Although a number of these types of older apartments remain along the former trolley lines, the approval of 28 new apartment buildings over the past 18 months has alarmed most of us.

Due to the recent community outcry regarding the approval of so many apartment buildings with no parking, the City’s Bureau of Planning and Sustainability (BPS) is conducting a study of residents and neighbors of eight of these older buildings. As a group of volunteers that make up the Citywide Land Use Group, we felt it was important to conduct our own, complementary survey. This survey is the result of our Apartment Parking Task Force and Editing Team’s work on the no-parking issue over the past four months. It is our attempt to clarify your concerns and needs.  We want to give neighborhoods the opportunity to provide constructive criticism to the City on this issue.

Click here to start filling out the questionnaire

In our view, the City, Metro, and the State are each dealing with competing goals. These include reducing air pollution, traffic congestion, and storm water run-off, while at the same time retaining and enhancing neighborhood livability, high density residential, affordable housing, living-wage jobs and vibrant local businesses. The recent development of apartments with little or no off street parking is a direct result of these policies.

Portland is not alone in dealing with reduced parking in new apartment developments. Other cities we reviewed included Seattle, San Francisco, and Denver.

Our contention is that the city needs to begin a dialogue with the neighborhood associations and business communities to help understand the impact of these goals and policies on our daily lives. We offer that Portland contains the most creative and enthusiastic community that could be brought to the table for this discussion. Together, it is likely we will come up with a range of ideas and equitable solutions.

The results of this Apartment Parking Neighborhood Survey as well as the BPS parking study will both be presented to the Portland Planning and Sustainability Commission at their November 13th Forum. This is but the first step in helping broker a dialogue between the City of Portland and its concerned neighborhoods on this issue.

The survey questionnaire should take you about 10 to 15 minutes to complete.

Student Mentors Needed

October 31, 2012 by

We recently received the following e-mail from Kathleen McKenna, Volunteer Coordinator at the NELA Center for Student Success. She wrote to tell us about an opportunity for community members to volunteer as student mentors. Read on for details:

My name is Kathleen and I’m the Mentor Coordinator at the NELA Center for Student Success in NE Portland.  We’re a college access program that serves low income, first generation and of-color high school seniors through a weekly mentorship program that guides students through the college and scholarship application process.

We’re currently looking for mentors to work with our students.  This is a one day a week, 2.5 hour commitment for the year.  Mentors work with small groups of students to make sure they’re on track with applications and to be a source of motivation.

All mentors in the Mentor 2 College program attend training so they are prepared for questions they may receive.  Additionally, our Centers staff is on hand to answer any questions our mentors may have.  Mentor meetings begin in the fall and finish at the end of the academic year.  The commitment is for the 2012-2013 school year.

If you’re interested, see the attached PDF file for more information: NELA Mentor Flyer

Buckman Community Association Land Use Meeting, October 18th

October 15, 2012 by

This Thursday, October 18th, a Buckman Community Association Land Use Meeting will be held to discuss proposed development at 2607/2625 SE Hawthorne Blvd.  The meeting will be in the Multnomah County Board Room, 501 SE Hawthorne Blvd., 7-8:30pm.

These two magnificent and grand 106 year-old historic houses were purchased at the end of last month.  The new owners plan to build a 4-story, 77-unit apartment building where these homes (currently full of commercial tenants) now lie.  Here is what they currently look like.

The tenants were unaware the property was being sold and were all given immediate 30-day eviction notices.  The former owner, who has held these properties for decades, has said he feels sick about the plans to tear them down and did not know this was planned.  These properties are now in real danger of being demolished imminently to make way for this new, large development..

The developer, Aaron Jones, and SERA Principle Architect Kurt Schultz have been invited to the meeting so they can hear concerns about this proposal, and give information to community members.  Concerned members of the community are asked to attend.  Ideas, suggestions and proposed solutions to save these important properties are welcome and wanted!

For more information on the proposal:

If you are unable to attend, but are interested in saving the buildings, please contact myself and/or Tim Askin, BCA Secretary and Co-Land Use Chair (  You can also contact the entire BCA Board anytime at

Thank you,
Susan Lindsay
Chair, BCA

BCA Mayoral & City Commissioner Candidate Forum, Thursday, October 11th

September 21, 2012 by

Still having trouble deciding who you should vote for in the upcoming Mayoral and City Commissioner elections? Come bring your ballot and figure it out at the Candidate’s Forum on Thursday, October 11th, sponsored by the Buckman Community Association. We’ll be asking Charlie Hales, Jefferson Smith, Amanda Fritz, and Mary Nolan where they stand on such topics as:

  • The Coal Train
  • Parking requirements (or lack thereof) for new apartment buildings
  • Fees associated with building permits and historic reviews
  • Access (or lack thereof) to the Public Involvement Process
  • Funding and support for neighborhood associations

There will also be an opportunity for attendees to submit their own question to the candidates. Here are the details:

What: The Candidate’s Forum
When: October 11th, 7:00pm to 9:00pm
Where: Multnomah County Headquarters Building, 501 SE Hawthorne Blvd, Commissioners Board Room 100

Position 1 Commissioner’s Forum
Amanda Fritz and Mary Nolan
7:15 – 8:00

Mayor’s Forum
Charlie Hales and Jefferson Smith
8:15 – 9:00

Pizza and light refreshments will be provided.

Independent Living Resources Block Party, Friday, September 21st

September 13, 2012 by

We were recently contact by a non-profit agency called Independent Living Resources, located at 1839 NE Couch, between 18th and 19th Avenues. ILR promotes the philosophy of independent living by creating opportunities, encouraging choices, advancing equal access, and furthering the level of independence for all people with disabilities.

Next Friday, September 21st, from 11am-2pm, ILR will be hosting a block party on NE Couch Street between 18th and 19th Avenues. The block party is an annual celebration of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). ILR be joined by 15 other community organizations and agencies that work towards empowering the disabilities community. There will be arts and crafts, performances, entertainment, and food throughout the day.  Several of the local Burnside restaurants have donated food for the event, and local businesses have generously donated gift certificates for door prizes.

You can learn more about ILR at their website or Facebook page.

Art DeMuro

September 11, 2012 by

“[Art] DeMuro, a Portland developer and preservationist, whose firm redeveloped the White Stag Block in Old Town and a number of other historical properties, died Saturday after a battle with cancer. He was 57. “

The Buckman neighborhood has lost a friend in Art DeMuro. BCA Chair Susan Lindsay, who worked with Art on the proposed redevelopment of Washington High School, penned this tribute:

By now most of you have heard the very sad news that Art DeMuro died Saturday night. I don’t know any details other than it was cancer of a rare and aggressive type.  I did not know he was sick, and always commented whenever we met how great he looked.

Art was an unusual developer. While a keen businessman, he did what he did motivated by a desire to preserve buildings of historic worth from the wrecking ball.  His projects, showcased on the Venerable Properties website, demonstrate his love of history and the restored buildings are beautiful to behold.

All of Portland has lost a friend this week….and especially Buckman. Art’s professional level of high standards and care in redevelopment took seed in Buckman in recent years and we have a number of preserved structures to show for it.

While meeting with Art over the years on other projects, it during was the Washington High School Redevelopment plan that I really got to know Art. Let’s just say, here was someone who didn’t bat an eye when I told him the school building talked to me……as I’m sure he in his own way had experienced this with his love of old forgotten buildings.

Last spring when Art was finally awarded the exclusive rights on the building and a purchase agreement was approved by the school board was one of the happiest days of my life.  I felt so ‘relieved’..that at last the building was in the hands of someone who cared, and knew of its beauty and potential…and had the means and experience to make it anew again.

While I have no idea what his unexpected passing will mean for Washington High, I know what it means for us and me.  We have suddenly and with no warning lost a wonderful, caring, intelligent, gifted man who knew how to navigate the difficult world of loans agreements, contracts, timelines and especially personalities to make beautiful, useful buildings appear from decades of waste and neglect.  And I and many others have lost a man we considered a friend.

It’s ironic on another level for me.  Last Thursday, having returned to Portland from being away much of August, I called some folks to specifically express gratitude for their work on projects we’ve been engaged with.  I started to call Art, and then hesitated.  I had so much to say to him..about how fabulous I thought he was, I decided to collect my thoughts some more before I called.

He was fabulous…and truly one of a kind.  I will miss him very much.  He was our friend.

Washington High School Community Center Update

August 30, 2012 by

An important step towards the creation of a full-service community center at the Washington High School property has recently occurred. The City of Portland Hearing Officer has issued approval for a Master Plan to provide conditional use at the site of 12th and SE Stark for the construction of the community center in two phases.  The Master Plan remains valid for ten years.

Phase one of new construction would include the aquatics center, changing rooms, fitness, wood studio and parking lot/field. Phase two would be the gymnasiums.  While there is currently zero funding for the construction of the center, having land use approval in place enables phase one to be built as soon as funding occurs. This center, as well as other city-wide projects, will likely seek funding via a future, comprehensive Portland Parks bond. The BCA has been active and involved with this project for years, and all updates on the future community center are shared at monthly meetings when they occur.

The full decision can be read here:

Build It Green! Home Tour – Saturday, September 22nd

August 15, 2012 by

The Build It Green! Home Tour and Information Fair is coming up on Saturday, September 22nd. Word is it’ll feature a home in the Buckman neighborhood!

The 11th annual Build It Green! Home Tour and Information Fair is a self-guided tour of green remodels and new homes around the Portland metropolitan area. Tour-goers pick up great ideas for their own projects by visiting with homeowners, designers, do-it-yourselfers and contractors about accessory dwelling units, solar panels, ecoroofs (green roofs), rainwater harvesting, natural landscaping, affordable housing, water and energy conservation, natural building materials, alternative construction techniques and much more.

Volunteers are also needed for the tour; free admission!


The Great American Nano Festival, August 25th & 26th

August 7, 2012 by

We were recently contacted by a Buckman business neighbor – the Rogue brewery and their Green Dragon brewpub – about an upcoming event that benefits Buckman Elementary School. Read on for details:

The 5th Annual Great American Nano Festival

August 25-26, 2012
Sat Noon – 9pm, Sun Noon – 7pm

Cost: $10 at the door; includes 5 taster tickets (additional taster tickets are $1 each)

Location: Buckman Botanical Brewery
SE 9th & Belmont
Portland, OR 97214

Taste over 25 different Nano Breweries. Enjoy Koi Fushion and Voodoo Doughnuts. Sample local artisan cheese, meats, and chocolate. Enjoy Bung Hole, Corn Hole, Buckman Brewery tours, street basketball, and dog washes.

This is a family friendly festival with proceeds benefiting Buckman Elementary School for the Arts.


Potholes for Poverty!

July 24, 2012 by

We were recently contacted by an organization called Potholes for Poverty. Coast Pavement Services will provide the labor, equipment, and materials necessary to patch potholes in our neighborhood. In return, people donate their time or money to local charitable organizations. Read more about it here:


Pedalpalooza Bike Tour!

June 28, 2012 by

A group of neighbors is organizing a bike tour of inner-Southeast Village Building Convergence sites this weekend. Read on for details.


I’m writing to invite you to the Pedalpalooza bike tour of inner-Southeast Village Building Convergence sites this coming Saturday, June 30th. This will be a potluck-style three-course meal bike-ride, so feel free to bring something easily transportable to share! We also encourage you to bring your own eating utensils.

We will meet at St. David of Wales Church (2800 SE Harrison St.), which was the main VBC venue, at 5 pm to see their placemaking project and enjoy some salad as the first course of our potluck. Around 6 pm we’ll arrive at our second potluck destination, the intersection painting at 16th & Brooklyn, where we will have our main-course dinner items. We will finish the site tour at the Buckman intersection, 15th & Alder, at around 7 pm. We will share dessert and compost any food waste accumulated over the course of the potluck-ride in the community compost. We also plan to bike by the Brooklyn Community Gardens and Communitecture sites en route to our potluck destinations.

This will be a family-friendly event, so feel free to bring little ones and friends of all ages! It will also be a fantastic way to see some of the awesome placemaking visions our community has brought to fruition during this year’s VBC, while meeting others who are interested in building community creatively, joyfully, and by bike!

Let me know if you have any questions, and I hope to see you on Saturday!

Eva (

Free water gauge kits and tips from the Regional Water Providers Consortium

June 28, 2012 by

We were recently contacted by a group called the Regional Water Providers Consortium. According to their website, the RWPC “is committed to good stewardship of our region’s water through conservation, emergency preparedness planning and water supply coordination.”

The RWPC is offering a free outdoor watering gauge kit to anyone in the RWPC service territory from July 1st to August 10th. We’ll be publishing an article about it in the upcoming print edition of our newsletter, but you lucky blog readers get a sneak peak at it now!

Help make Buckman waterwise – Free water gauge kits and tips from RWPC

Did you know water usage in the Portland Metro area can more than double and even triple during the summer months? We Oregonians work hard to keep our lawns and gardens green in hot and dry weather. Many of us have heard the advice to water our lawn about an inch a week – and more during hotter weather – but few of us actually know what that means. In fact, many people actually overwater their lawns without realizing it. To help residents wise up about their water usage, the Regional Water Providers Consortium (RWPC) is offering a free outdoor watering gauge kit to anyone in the RWPC service territory from July 1 – August 10.

The watering gauge takes the guesswork out of watering by measuring how much water is landing on your lawn. The RWPC also posts a “weekly watering number” on its website (, which provides the recommended amount of water to keep lawns healthy through summer.

To receive a free watering gauge kit, call 503-823-7528 or email (please include your mailing address, water provider name and how you heard about the offer).

Here are RWPC’s “Top Five” waterwise gardening tips:
1.    Water lawns and gardens early in the morning (before 10 am) or later in the evening (after 6 pm) when temperatures are cooler and evaporation is minimized.
2.    Adjust your sprinklers so that they are watering your lawn and garden and not the street.
3.    Water in several short sessions rather than one long session to allow for better absorption and to prevent run-off.
4.    Adjust your mower to a higher setting. A taller lawn provides shade to the roots and helps retain soil moisture, so your lawn requires less water.
5.    Add a shut-off nozzle to your garden hose and save about 5-7 gallons of water each minute your hose is on.

About the RWPC

The RWPC is a consortium of 23 local water providers plus the regional government Metro. Visit the consortium website – – for more information and resources to help conserve water at your home or business.

BDS hearing on Conditional Use Master Plan (CUMP) for the Washington High Community Center

June 27, 2012 by

We recently received notice from the Bureau of Development Services that the hearing date for the Conditional Use Master Plan (CUMP) for the Washington High Community Center (WHCC) will be held on July 23rd at 9:30 am before the City’s Land Use Hearings Officer.  The hearing location is 1900 SW 4th Street, Suite 3000.  Residents who live within 400’ of the WHCC site will receive an individually-mailed notice of the hearing. There will be opportunity for the applicant and the neighborhood association to testify at the hearing.  Testimony from other interested parties also will be taken.  If you are unable to attend the hearing but want to submit comments, you can send an e-mail to the Senior Planner assigned to the case, Kathleen Stokes, at, up until July 22nd. She will then present all written communications to the Hearings Officer. You may also present written testimony at the hearing itself if you prefer that to testifying in public. Written testimony is given the same weight as oral testimony.

Once the public record is closed, typically at the end of the hearing, the Hearings Officer has 17 days to render his decision. Then follows a 14-day appeal period. Only people who have submitted written or oral testimony at the public hearing have “standing” to appeal. If no appeal is filed, the Hearings Officer’s decision will become final. If an appeal is filed, the City Council will schedule a hearing usually within one month. The appeal hearing at City Council is run in the same manner as the initial hearing before the Hearings Officer. The City Council’s decision is final at the local level, although opponents can carry their appeal further to the Land Use Board of Appeals.

Approval for the CUMP means that development of this project could move forward once funds are available.  This CUMP will be valid for 10 years.

Host an International Student!

June 21, 2012 by

We were recently contacted by ANDEO, a Portland-based non-profit organization specializing in educational homestay programs since 1981. This summer, they’ll be welcoming students from France, Spain, Germany, Japan, and China to the City of Roses for a few weeks, and would love for some Buckman families to have the opportunity to host one of them! Read on for details.

Local non-profit seeks families in Buckman to welcome an international student for a few weeks!

ANDEO (, a Portland-based non-profit organization, is looking for great host families in the Buckman neighborhood to host a teen or college-age student from France, Spain, Germany, Japan, or China for a few weeks this summer.  Learn about another culture, share your own, make a new friend, and create some fun summer memories together!

The students are excited to learn more about American culture, practice their English, and discover the Northwest.  Some students take classes in downtown Portland on weekday mornings and enjoy group activities in the afternoons.  Others are free to follow the everyday flow of life with your family.  Either way, your student would be treated as another family member, doing chores, biking around the neighborhood, and participating in your family’s favorite summer activities.  ANDEO matches students and families based on age, gender, nationality, and shared interests.  The final choice to host a particular student is always yours! The students bring their own spending money and are covered by health insurance. Hosting is free, and ANDEO provides a small stipend to help families cover activities, extra food or utility use.

For more information, or to apply to host, please visit ANDEO’s website at, e-mail Paulene Hedgpeth at, or call 503-274-1776.

Discussion to explain local property tax “compression”

May 23, 2012 by

Many community members find the subject of property tax “compression” confusing. Yet, understanding compression is important to understanding the potential impact of additional property tax measures that appear on the ballot.

Southwest Neighborhoods, Inc. (SWNI), a coalition of seventeen neighborhoods in southwest Portland, will host an hour-long conversation on property tax compression, using the library levy as an example. City Economist Josh Harwood and Michael Jaspin from Multnomah County Budget Office will describe how compression works.

The conversation will be held in Room 29 at the Multnomah Arts Center, 7688 SW Capitol Hwy, in the Senior Center on Thursday, June 14th from 10:30am to 11:30am. This will be an open discussion for anyone who would like to attend.

For more information, contact the SWNI office at 503-823-4592, or email:


BCA seeking new board members!

May 16, 2012 by

Dear Buckman Neighbors,

We wanted to let everyone know that the Buckman Community Association will be holding board elections at the June 14th monthly meeting. The BCA is the registered neighborhood association for the area bounded by SE 28th, E Burnside, SE Hawthorne Blvd., and the Willamette River.

The BCA is involved in many ongoing projects, including our annual and always fun Picnic in the Park, to be held this year on Sunday, August 5th in Colonel Summers Park. We also are engaged in ongoing sustainability projects, land use reviews, transportation and safety issues, historic preservation, getting a community center built, and helping neighbors connect with and get results at City Hall.

The BCA Board is a nine person body with two-year electable terms. Terms are staggered, so each year half the positions are open for election. All persons who live, work or have a special interest in Buckman are welcome to become part of the Association and to serve on our Board.

Next month, we will hold elections for four 2-year and one 1-year terms. Please consider serving your neighborhood and running for the Board!  We welcome new volunteers!

The election will be 7-9pm, Thursday June 14th in the Central Catholic High School library. Refreshments will be available!

Susan Lindsay
BCA Board Chair

New meeting location for July/August

May 16, 2012 by

A quick note about the BCA’s monthly meetings: because we lose access to Central Catholic High School during the summer months, our July and August meetings will be held in the Multnomah County Board Room, located at 501 SE Hawthorne Blvd. The dates of those meetings are July 12th and August 9th (both Thursdays). Starting in September, we’ll return to our usual location in the library at Central Catholic.


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