Buckman Community Association: Join Us!


The nine member Board of the Buckman Community Association welcomes all residents and business owners or otherwise interested persons to become members of the Buckman Community Association. Buckman, the first eastside neighborhood of Portland, is bounded by SE 28th, Hawthorne Blvd., East Burnside Street and on the west, the Willamette River. While most of the thousands of residents live in “East” Buckman (east of 12th Avenue), “West” Buckman, a designated industrial and commercial sanctuary, contains a historic district, is home to over 17, 000 jobs and has dozens of excellent eateries and nighttime venues.

Your neighborhood association is the place where you can come to find out about current happenings and plans in the area, meet and get active in progressive planning and projects, get assistance with perplexing and difficult issues, and volunteer your time, energy, ideas and leadership skills. We host three meetings a month, all at Buckman Elementary School, located at 320 SE 16th. Meetings are held either in the cafeteria or the library. While there is plenty of room for large gatherings, feel free to bring your own lawn chair (as it is after all a K-5 school).

The first Thursday of the month is the Board Meeting held 6-7:15pm so you come by and can still get to any first Thursday events of interest. At this meeting the Board discusses upcoming issues and sets the next week’s general meeting agenda.

The 2nd Thursday is the General Meeting, held 7-9pm. This meeting allows for in depth discussion about proposed plans and changes, and provides for community organizing.

The last Thursday of the month is the land use and public safety meeting, held 6:30-8pm. This meeting provides property owners and developers an opportunity to air their proposals and also is attended by our own Officer Robert Pickett and Officer Andy Edgecomb to help residents deal with crime, drug problems and livability concerns.

The BCA also has two sub-committees. The Sustainability Committee is a group that wants to get involved with creative energy and conservation projects in Buckman and inner East Portland It meets the 2nd Weds of each month at 6:30 also at Buckman Elementary.

Finally there is the Buckman Historic Committee which works to preserve the historic character of Buckman. This group is led by Christine Yun. Contact her directly for meeting information at  pyung@pyung.com.

So, do you have a project you’d like to get started?  Do you have an idea on how things could be better?  Do you want to meet your neighbors?  Are you interested in getting the Community Center in place?  Looking to volunteer and help your neighbors?

Please join us at any of the above meetings. Your participation is always welcome.

Your can also always email us at buckman_comm2000@hotmail.com, (503) 236-2214 or visit our website http://www.neighborhoodlink.com/portland/buckman/

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