Sustainability Committee


Buckman, in response to the current interest in sustainability locally and nationally, is offering an opportunity to meet and discuss options that interested residents can use to improve their lives and help society achieve a more livable future.

We meet at Buckman school at 7 pm on the second Tuesday of each month. We wish to accomplish several things: 1st. give people a more informed idea of what sustainability is all about and some of the options available locally; 2nd. Allow like minded people to find each other and work on projects with help the neighborhood as well as themselves; and 3rd. make people more aware to local resources, plans, events, and people that involve sustainability.

One such opportunity is the Free Master Recycler Plastics Roundup on Saturday, October 11th in Milwaukie at 9600 SE Main (the Old Southgate Theater), hosted by City of Milwaukie. For more information:

We also have a list of links to various sustainability resource sites on the Buckman webpage at. www.neighborhoodlink/Portland/buckman

Other neighborhoods in southeast are creating similar committees which are coordinated through SE Uplift. We are in close contact with Portland’s Office of Sustainability which has resources available to as including a wonderful website. If this interests you and you are available on a Tuesday evening, drop by and say hello.

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One Response to “Sustainability Committee”

  1. Don MacGillivray Says:

    The October meeting is incorrectly listed in the article. There will be no meeting in October. For more information contact Don @

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