Bridgehead Development Still In Limbo


The Burnside Bridgehead project is still “on hold” following the withdrawal of Opus Northwest, the project developer.  The Citizen Advisory Committee (CAC) tracking the project met on June 25th to review several alternatives for making the Couch Street connection to the Burnside Bridge as the design for the Burnside-Couch Couplet is finalized.  The CAC rejected options that significantly reduced the size of Block 76, the block at the northwest corner of the intersection of Burnside and Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd.  This is the most important block of the overall bridgehead project site for establishing a “gateway” into the downtown and anchoring the overall Bridgehead project development.

The Burnside – Couch Couplet project is facing construction cost increases as the design is finalized at the same time the Central Eastside Urban Renewal District is projecting a major budget shortfall with the failure of the Bridgehead project to proceed.  The Couplet project will have to adjust the design to fit within existing appropriations for the project.

(image from the Portland Development Commission)


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