Plans for Lone Fir Cemetery (SE 20th & Morrison)


After METRO officially closed there offices at the corner of SE Morrison & 21st in the fall of 2003 a group of people began to gather to decide the future of this piece of property. They included neighbors, Metro, Multnomah County, the City, the Chinese Benevolent Society and other interested persons. After years of deliberation they have come up with some options for citizens to examine and comment upon. Jane Hansen, Lango Hansen Landscape Architect, has been with this project since the beginning. She lives in Buckman and said, “This is an important project, it will be here for a long time.”

The three renderings to the left are the results of discussions held during the meetings. They were displayed at the Open House at Lone Fir Cemetery. None of these will be the final plan, but a combination of these elements along with other ideas will form the final design.

The Buckman Community Association has discussed the development designs at Lone Fir Cemetery twice and the Buckman Historic District Committee reviewed at their August meeting.  While Buckman has a thirty year interest in the development of the Morrison/Belmont/20th intersection as a small commercial node, the BCA has taken the position that the general character of the preliminary designs is acceptable.  The BCA will continue to review the developments and are well represented on the METRO Lone Fir Cemetery work group by Susan Lindsay and Don MacGillivray.

Unfortunately funds are not available for these improvements, but with the significance of this historic cemetery it is believed that resources will be found from a variety of sources.  More information will follow later this year.

For more information contact METRO’s project manager Janet Bebb, at 503.797.1710 or online at


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