Portland Plan looks at long-term growth


Building on its visionary urban design legacy, the City of Portland is taking the lead on sustainable, equitable and economically viable long-range planning. Over the next three years, the Bureau of Planning will be updating its 1980 Comprehensive Plan and the 1988 Central City Plan in an effort called the Portland Plan.

The Portland Plan is a guide to the physical, economic, social, cultural and environmental development of Portland over the next 30 years. The plan will build on the work the community did through VisionPDX, which captured our shared values of sustainability, equity and accessibility, and community connectedness.

This plan will form the type of neighborhood Buckman will be in the future.  Therefore it is important for our residents and associations to review these plans and influence the goals,  policies, and implementation actions.  Issues that Buckman has identified to date include: the appearance, scale, and type of new development, Washington / Monroe community center and swimming pool as a major capital improvement, creating more equity among Portland citizens through economic development, and creating more livable and sustainable communities.  But given the fact that Buckman is likely to grow by several thousand people over the next twenty years we don’t want development to change our neighborhood character for the worse.

“As a community, we have a once-in-a-generation opportunity to shape the future of our city. The global trends of climate change, a worldwide economy, the growing equity gap and population shifts require that we proactively define how our City looks and works for this generation and those to come.”     – Mayor Tom Potter

Work has been underway for about nine months.  The next public review period will be September through November of this year.

More information is available on the Portland Plan website.  At this site you can get e-mail updates of future activities as well as read about the previous reports and information.


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