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Support A Neighborhood Bicycle Improvement Project

October 15, 2008

The Twenties Bikeway project proposes development of a bike boulevard and bike lanes along a corridor in the high 20s blocks of east Portland starting at the north-end on NE 27th Ave and NE Lombard Street. The route jogs to 29th Ave. at Ainsworth and continues south on NE 29th Ave. with short jogs along NE Regents Dr. and NE Edgehill Pl. before reaching NE Knott, where it jogs to NE 28th Ave. The route continues along 28th Ave., across the Banfield (I-84), to SE Madison, where it jogs briefly to 27th Ave. The route jogs east again on SE Stephens to NE 26th Ave. before reaching existing bike lanes south of SE Woodward. The project also fills the southernmost gap south of SE Bybee on SE 27th Ave., Crystal Springs Blvd and SE 44th Ave., where it connects to existing bike lanes on Harney Drive and further south to the Springwater Corridor Trail.

The Twenties Bikeway is a 9.2-mile corridor, of which 2.3 miles currently exist as bicycle lanes. Of the remaining 6.9 miles, 5.5 miles are to be developed with bicycle boulevard treatments and 1.4 miles are to be striped with bicycle lanes. Bicycle lane and travel lane widths will be striped on roadways according to regional and city street design guidelines. The bicycle boulevard segments will incorporate the full spectrum of treatments the city has applied to its existing bicycle boulevards.

The City of Portland has applied for $2.1 million in funding from the Metro Transportation Improvement Program (MTIP). Metro is seeking public comment on the allocation of regional flexible funds. The formal comment period will open at 12 noon on Oct. 13, 2008 and close at noon on Dec. 1, 2008. A basic list of projects and programs will be posted on the Metro web site at


  • Attend the Public Open House, Thursday, October 30, 5 to 8 p.m., Metro Regional Center Council Chamber, 600 NE Grand Ave., Portland
  • Comment online at
  • Send e-mail to
  • Mail written comments to Regional flexible fund comments, Metro planning, 600 NE Grand Ave, Portland, OR 97232
  • Fax comments to 503-797-1930

If the City of Portland is successful in obtaining funding for this project there will be a design process to workout the detail improvements along the route.

Take The New Buckman Survey!

October 1, 2008

We want to find out from you what you care about, your ideas, opinions, interests and concerns about the Buckman neighborhood and its relationship to the city at large.   Follow the survey link to the right or click here to head straight there.

Oak Basin Sewer Work Delayed to Spring 2009

October 1, 2008

Environmental Services has designed a series of sewer improvements and stormwater management projects in an area of southeast and northeast Portland known as the Oak Basin (see project area map below). The work will alleviate basement flooding problems, and replace more than 8,000 feet of sewer pipes that are in poor condition. Some sewers in the area are more than 80 years old.  The upgrades will increase sewer system capacity, improve reliability and help control combined sewer overflows (CSOs) to the Willamette River. The work was originally scheduled to start in the summer of 2008, but has now been delayed to spring 2009.  The project will take about 18 months to complete.

The original project included replacing or refurbishing the existing sewer pipe in SE Oak between 18th and 10th.  This included work on Buckman School grounds and at St Francis Parish.  That work has now been pulled from this project and will be rescheduled later.  Included in the future project will be additional Green Street facilities in an area east of the School.

Sewer Construction Techniques

The Oak Basin Sewer Project will require both open-cut trench construction and trenchless techniques to rehabilitate existing sewers. The project also includes construction of a new large interceptor sewer line in SE 10th Avenue and an access shaft at 10th and SE Oak Street to connect the new line to the sewer system. Construction will affect traffic with both travel lane and street closures. The city will provide traffic control updates during all phases of construction.

Sustainable Stormwater Management– Green Street facilities

The Oak Basin Sewer Project includes construction of several Green Street facilities along SE Ankeny Street between SE 16th and 20th avenues. Green Streets are vegetated curb extensions or streetside planters that collect stormwater runoff from the street and keep it from flowing into the combined sewer system. Green Streets slow stormwater flow and allow water to soak into the ground as soil and vegetation filter pollutants. This sustainable stormwater management technique treats stormwater at the site, protects water quality and helps replenish groundwater supplies.

Coordination with Burnside – Couch Project

The City of Portland Office of Transportation (PDOT) is designing roadway improvements for the Lower East Burnside and Couch Reconfiguration Project. Environmental Services is coordinating with PDOT to complete sewer construction in the PDOT project area before road construction begins.
For More Information

Call David Allred at 503-823-7287 for additional information or to arrange a presentation for your organization or business. To receive email updates, send your email address to Learn more about the Environmental Services Sustainable Stormwater Program at

David will also be giving a presentation and be available to answer your questions at the November 13th general meeting at Buckman School.