City Expands Sunday Parkways to 3 Days of Smiles this Summer


The City of Portland Bureau of Transportation is planning to expand the highly successful Sunday Parksways in to three events this summer:

  • North Portland Route – June 21st
  • Northeast Route – July 19th
  • Southeast Route – August 16th

The City piloted Sunday Parkways, a six-mile loop of traffic free streets in North Portland last year, opening the streets to non-motorized traffic and a whole slough of events and activites ranging from live music to yoga to hula hooping.  This year the City is proposing a southeast route that will come through the heart of the Buckman Neighborhood.  This is a great opportunity for Buckman residents to come together and meet their neightbors as well as promote the Buckman Neighborhood to the thousands of likely participants from other neighborhoods.

The City of Portland needs donations and volunteers to ensure the success of the the three Sunday Parkways events this summer. The Buckman Community Association Board voted in March to donate $100 from its coffers to help the cause.

For more information regarding Sunday Parkways go to the following link:

To donate, volunteer, or register an event any of the Sunday Parkway events this summer see the following link:

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