Community Composting Site at 15th & Alder


The Buckman Sustainability Committee is installing the first of many community composting sites during the City Repair Village Building Convergence (VBC) June 4-14. We will be installing a compost tumbler in the planting strip at 1507 SE Alder Street plus two bins for holding browns and greens.

During the VBC we will construct and install bins, install a compost tumbler, construct a kiosk and paint the intersection with an organic vine design with soft beautiful colors. The vine will seem to grow from the composting area. When the site is completed, neighbors will bring fruit and vegetable kitchen scraps for composting. They will put the scraps into one bin and cover with the leaves provided. The compost Captain will load the tumbler and turn as necessary. When finished, the compost will be FREE to participants in the program.

This is a pilot for a composting network in the neighborhood. The Sustainability Committee is composed of local volunteers and students from Portland State University. Much of the building material is being donated; a small grant from Vision into Action is also supporting our first three composting sites.

Join us any day starting at 8:30 AM Weekends, 3:30 PM Monday through Friday. Music and Snacks provided!

  • Thursday, June 4 – Scrub street
  • Friday and Saturday June 5/6 Construct and install bins
  • Sunday June 7 – Install compost tumbler
  • Monday and Tuesday June 8/9 – Outline street graphic
  • Wednesday, June 10 – Take a day off
  • Thursday and Friday June 11/12 – Construct and install kiosk
  • Saturday, June 13 – Paint street graphic

The Sustainability Team is looking for two more sites in Buckman. The sites should be readily available from the sidewalk and should have a dedicated person to monitor the composting.

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