Green Street Facilities On SE Ankeny


The City of Portland is committed to green development practices and sustainable stormwater management.  Green streets are an innovative, effective way to restore watershed health.  They protect water quality in rivers and streams, manage water from impervious surfaces, and can be more cost efficient than new sewer pipes.  Green streets offer many benefits that sewer pipes can’t.  Green streets:

Clean and cool air and water

  • Refresh groundwater supplies
  • Enhance neighborhood livability
  • Calm traffic and enhance pedestrian and bicycle safety
  • Increase community and property values
  • Protect valuable surface and groundwater resources
  • Add urban green space and wildlife habitat
  • Help meet regulatory requirements for pollutant reduction and watershed resource management
  • Reduce stormwater in the sewer system
  • Save money on wastewater pumping and treatment costs

Green street facilities such as those to be installed in the Buckman neighborhood make a valuable contribution to these benefits.  Many hundreds of similar installations throughout the city are being included in future projects.

For the Ankeny corridor, there are 15 separate facilities, some are within the planter strip (between curb and sidewalk), some are vegetated curb extensions, and some are a combination of the two.   We worked with businesses, residents and property owners throughout the design process and responded as best we could to their concerns–making changes to placement and types of facilities where this was feasible while still achieving our requirement to reduce flows into the pipe system.

The facilities on or near Ankeny will have a slight impact on parking in the area.  There are approximately 155 parking spaces available between Ash and Burnside and between 16th and 20th. Of these, the green street facilities will displace approximately 16 spaces, or 10% of the total.  As you know, parking is a shared resource, and no adjacent property has exclusive claim to specific parking spaces.  While we understand the concerns expressed about parking in the neighborhood, we are confident that the green street facilities will be a benefit to the area.

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