Composting Site In Full Swing!


Congratulations to everyone who took part in developing our first composting site. The bins are set up and neighbors are already bringing vegetative kitchen scraps to the site.

The first batch of compost was put into the tumbler at the end of June and as of July 9th, the first batch of compost in the tumbler has completed two weeks. It will be interesting to see how many days (weeks or months) it takes to get finished compost. Will keep you informed!

The two main issues for the Community Compost Site are size of pieces and state of decomposition. We have had overly large items – melon rind, whole potatoes, etc. and stinky sludge added to the bin.

The message is – Cut it, crush it or smash it – smaller is better; and IF IT SMELLS, BAG IT AND TRASH IT!

We have added two items to the NO, NO list – avocado seeds and big pieces of avocado skin.

People are coming from all over Buckman with their compostable kitchen scraps — keep it coming and Thanks!

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