Sewer Construction Update


Crews plan to work on alternate Saturdays, starting with August 1st. Please drive carefully and follow directions from flaggers.

This Week:

* Crews will continue installing new pipe on 14th between Burnside and Couch, and will be crossing Sandy early next week. Crews will then turn west and install pipe on Couch to 13th. The project also includes new pipe on Couch between 17th and 20th, but that work will be done later.

* Next week crews will start work at the intersection of 10th and Ankeny, installing a large new manhole structure. This work will likely close that intersection completely during work hours. Once this manhole is in place, crews will begin installing pipe and manholes northward to Davis. This is large concrete pipe and the work will affect through access on 10th Avenue in the block being worked on. We will work with local businesses and residents to maintain essential local access. In order to minimize the impacts to traffic on Burnside, Installing this pipe across Burnside will be scheduled for night or weekend work hours under a noise variance permit.

* The Portland Water Bureau will be working at 14th and Couch to finish up paving. REPEAT INFORMATION: The contractor has a staging yard at 12th and Taylor and is shuttling material and equipment between the yard and the work areas. Watch for construction equipment in the area and drive safely!

Work on the green street facilities (curb extensions and planters) on Ankeny Street between 16th and 20th is scheduled to start in August.

TriMet has detoured bus routes #19 and #20 off of Burnside between 28th and 12th. TriMet riders may board buses at temporary stops on Sandy and Glisan. For more information, see TriMet at:

David Allred
BES Outreach and Public Involvement Desk

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