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Are You a Friend of Trees?

September 22, 2009

Friends of Trees is coming to Buckman and the Central Eastside Industrial District. Buckman residents will have a unique opportunity to participate with their residential neighbors and businesses in a tree planting on December 5th.

The coordinators of Friends of Trees’ Buckman neighborhood planting invite you to help improve the quality of the neighborhood. You can support the neighborhood tree planting in one or both of the the following ways: purchasing trees for planting in the neighborhood, and/or actively participating on the day of planting.

And the best part: Friends of Trees is able to offer a discount for trees planted through this program!

  • Street trees, planted in the right-of-way between the street and property line, start at $50 for residential customers.
  • Trees planted on private property start at $70.

Friends of Trees staff will suggest locations for trees, obtain necessary permits for street trees, and coordinate locations with underground and overhead utilities. Property owners need only select the desirable tree from a pre-approved list, and provide enough water the first few years until roots are established.

Since 1989, Friends of Trees has been bringing people together to plant, care for, and learn about city trees. A hallmark of the non-profit’s work is its community-based model, which brings neighbors together and often inspires them to organize other projects to improve their neighborhood. Trees make our neighborhood greener and more livable. They provide numerous benefits, from cleaning our air and water, to conserving energy needed to heat and cool our buildings. They not only improve the value of our property, they actually improve the success of our businesses. Studies show that business sales increase at stores where trees have been planted.

To participate with Friends of Trees, please sign up at If you have questions, please contact the 2009 Buckman Neighborhood Coordinators, Jeff Burns or Sara Butcher, at or 503.531.6553.