Liquor License Application: Zancanella Importing Company


This is the first in what will be a regular new feature on the BCA blog. From time to time, the BCA receives notices from the city about OLCC liquor license applications in the Buckman neighborhood. When we do, we’ll post the details here, so you know about proposed new establishments in our neighborhood.

Establishment: Zancanella Importing Company

License Type: Distillery License; allows the holder to import, manufacture, distill, rectify, blend, denature and store distilled spirits. A distillery that produces brandy or pot-distilled liquor may permit tastings by visitors.

Notes: This applicant already holds a Wholesale Malt Beer and Wine License. They are applying for the additional privilege of a Distillery License. This is not a retail sales location.

Hours of Operation: Monday – Friday from 9:00 am until 7:00 pm

Additional information provided by applicant: We are an existing wholesale distributor applying for “additional privileges” to become “vendor of record” for an existing product in the marketplace.

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