Soap Box Derby!


In the spirit of community-building, collaboration and FUN, SE Uplift is offering to facilitate a coalition soap box team to enter in the annual August PDX Adult Soap Box Derby at Mt. Tabor Park.

On Monday, January 31st, SE Uplift will host a meeting to explore the feasibility of a SE Uplift Soap Box Derby Team. We need, at minimum, 10 volunteers to commit to involvement between March and August. Expectations and roles will be decided on as a team. SE Uplift will serve as a teammate, organizer and facilitator, as needed – but individual teammate commitment, reliability, and follow-through will determine the fate of the SE Uplift Soap Box Derby team. Other than planning and building meetings (scheduled by the team), teammates will participate in the mid-April registration process, as well as the actual Soap Box Derby itself in mid-August.

If you are unable to attend this meeting but you are interested in participating on the team, please email soapbox(at)southeastuplift(dot)org. For details on the 2010 Derby, view the Racer Packet here.

We look forward to creating, building, toasting and laughing with you!

Meeting: Monday, Jan. 31st, 7-8pm, SE Uplift offices (3534 SE Main St.)

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