Graffiti Removal


The annual Kerns/Buckman neighborhood clean up is just around the corner. As always, it will take place on the third Saturday in April, the 16th, from 9am to noon in the parking lot of the Jones-Kendall-Sauer Building, at 26th & E. Burnside.

This year, with the help of Marcia Dennis from the City of Portland, we are planning a collaborative graffiti clean-up as part of the event. The graffiti removal will be a combined effort with city-contracted graffiti removal crews. Prior to April 16th, residents and businesses will be asked to survey and compile a list of vandalized sites, and submit them to the Graffiti Abatement Coordinator. If you have any ideas for areas to target for the clean up, please e-mail Angela Kirkman from the Kerns Neighborhood Association:

Please help spread the word about this unique opportunity to clean up graffiti in Kerns and Buckman. One thing we could really use help with is volunteers. A minimum of 10 volunteers are needed that day for graffiti removal; this is in addition to the volunteers needed to work at the clean-up site. Check out the links below for some additional information.

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  1. tracey Says:

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