Lone Fir named one of the top 10 cemeteries to visit


Not sure whose idea this list was (or if it was meant to coincide with the upcoming Halloween holiday), but National Geographic ranked the Lone Fir Cemetery #7 on their list of the top 10 cemeteries to visit in the world:


Lone Fir Cemetery in Portland, Oregon
Roaming this natural landscape—one of the few cemeteries that allows the planting of a tree or garden to commemorate the dearly departed—is like the turning the pages of a Portland history book. You’ll find graves of pioneers; Block 14, a memorial in the works for the Chinese immigrants who helped build the city; and crypts of captains of industry, like the imposing Gothic-style MacLeay family mausoleum.

4 Responses to “Lone Fir named one of the top 10 cemeteries to visit”

  1. Julie Handsaker Says:

    Nice place to visit, but I don’t want my body to reside there. Well, not for a few more decades anyway. I’ve got family and friends there!

  2. Mary Says:

    It was a media inquiry that Travel Portland received. Friends of Lone Fir gave the reporter a your this summer. We didn’t think they decided to run the story since it wasnt in their October issue. But Travel Portland informed Friends of Lone Fir last week that the list was posted on line. If you can, tweet and like/recommend on FB to get the word out. So exciting for Buckman’s beloved cemetery to be on such an amazing list with so many other gorgeous cemeteries around the world!

  3. Mary Says:

    Visit http://www.friendsoflonefircemetery.org for info about the Tour of Untimely Departures on 10/31 or our monthly historic tours. Also we are always seeking volunteers as interest in Lone Fir continues to grow! Thanks!

  4. Lone Fir Cemetery Cultural Heritage Garden Will Honor History | Buckman Voice Says:

    […] 2011, National Geographic included Lone Fir as one of the top ten cemeteries in the world to visit. While Lone Fir is a jewel in the heart of […]

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