TV Crew Filming in Buckman, 10/25/11


The NBC television show Grimm will be filming in the Buckman neighborhood next Tuesday, October 25th. The BCA recently received the e-mail below from Shelley Midthun, Film Industry Liaison with the Portland Film Office. Also attached is a letter of notification with more details about what will be happening. Hint: EXPLOSIONS!


On Tuesday, October 25, from approximately 10:00am – 4:00pm the NBC TV series Grimm (premiering Oct. 28), will be filming in the Buckman neighborhood.  The bulk of this activity will take place between 18th – 20th on Belmont and Morrison. This film crew has obtained proper permits and employed police and fire officials from the City of Portland to reserve parking, execute limited traffic control (on Belmont from 18th-20th), and perform on-set special effects.

The attached letter of notification provides more detail about this on-location filming. This letter will also be hand-distributed today to local businesses and residents in the area.

Much of this Grimm film crew is Portland-based, and these industry professionals are making every effort to minimize inconveniences to Buckman businesses and residents while cameras are rolling.   On behalf of the industry, we thank you for sharing your neighborhood!

If you have any questions or concerns about this activity, please call Grimm Locations Manager, Bobby Warberg, at 541-510-1434.  I’m also always happy to discuss film permitting and film industry work in Portland, so please feel free to call me with any questions.

Thank you,
Shelley Midthun
Film Industry Liaison
Portland Film Office
Mayor’s Office Arts & Culture
Portland Development Commission


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