SE Portland Neighborhood Assembly


The BCA recently received this e-mail from the group Occupy Portland Grassroots Organizing:


SE Portland Neighborhood Assembly
Date: Saturday, December 3, 2011
Time: 3:00pm – 5:00pm
Location: SEIU Labor Hall, 6401 SE Foster Rd.
The Occupy movement has created a moment for energy and activism. This meeting is a way for neighbors in SE Portland to come together to discuss issues in our lives and communities. We will work together as a group to take action on the issues that connect us, local and global. We invite neighborhood association representatives, Occupy activists, and all interested neighbors to join us. At this facilitated meeting, we’ll create proposals and decide on the next steps to draw on the energy of the Occupy movement and move our communities forward.

We welcome brochures and flyers on a wide range of topics for our information table.

Contact the Coordinator
Charles Seaton:, (503) 467-8327

Assembly Goals

  • Bring together people in SE, and provide a space for people to tell their stories.
  • To educate people about the Occupy movement.
  • To ask: What can Occupy take on at a local level?
  • To hear and make progress on proposals.
  • And to connect with people from neighborhood associations

At the assembly, we will:

  • Meet with neighbors, Occupy members, and people from your neighborhood associations.
  • Tell your story, and listen to other people’s stories.
  • Learn about the Occupy movement.
  • Discuss what Occupy can do in your neighborhood.
  • Listen to and help make plans.
  • Assembly Structure
  • Alternating between small group with large groups, report outs to large groups.


  • (Brief) What is Occupy Pdx, Examples, why it is we are here, what we want to accomplish
  • Break out groups: hearing our experiences, nhood issues to resolve, identification of topics of action
  • Large group: Report Out, Identify Shared Areas of interest for next Steps
  • Small Group with new topics identified by earlier Process
  • Report out in large Group: Wrap-Up & Next steps

About the convening group
Occupy Portland Grassroots Organizing is an evolving group of individuals working to help build communication, organizing, and interdependence in our local neighborhoods and in the whole 99%, in order to transform the community’s needs, concerns, hopes and resilience into locally-based solutions. Our SE organizing subgroup can be reached or joined at:

This event particularly invites folks living in the Foster-Powell and Mt Scott-Arleta neighborhoods (50th to 82nd, Powell to Woodstock) to come out and talk about economic and social issues in their neighborhood, and how collective action and the Occupy Portland movement can work to address those issues. Folks from nearby neighborhoods are also welcome.

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