“Virtual Open House” for Portland Streetcar Loop Project


Greetings Neighborhood Associations,

In an effort to get ready for the opening of the east side streetcar expansion in 2012, the Portland Bureau of Transportation is developing a proposed new fare policy aimed at balancing the need for operating revenue and ridership and is fair and equitable to all members of the community.

This “virtual” open house, taken from the two project open houses held on November 30 and December 1, provides an opportunity for people who could not attend to understand and provide feedback on the proposed streetcar fare policy.

Please review the information included on the link below, and email your comments to Shoshanah Oppenheim, project manager, by December 6, 2011: shoshanah.oppenheim@portlandoregon.gov


Your feedback and the feedback from those who attended the “live” open houses will help influence the final fare policy recommendation.

Art Pearce
Project Manager
Portland Office of Transportation
1120 SW 5th Ave, Suite 800
Portland Oregon 97204

2 Responses to ““Virtual Open House” for Portland Streetcar Loop Project”

  1. Buddy Bee Anthony Says:

    I had volunteered to help pass out Newsletters at Colonel Sumner’s park this past summer. Still haven’t heard back one word from my neighborhood association. A little curious. Thought I would contact you before I let this go. Thanks.

  2. Eric O'Connor Says:

    Buddy, thanks for checking in. As it turns out, you have good timing. We’re getting ready to send the next edition of the newsletter to the printer, and will need volunteers to help with the delivery soon. I’ll have our volunteer coordinator reach out to you shortly.

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