2012 Graffiti Abatement Community Grants Program


We recently received an e-mail from SE Uplift about grant funds available for community graffiti abatement efforts:

SE Uplift and the Office of Neighborhood Involvement are pleased to announce the availability of $7,400 in grant funds through the Graffiti Abatement Community Grants Program.  Neighborhood, business and community-based organizations are eligible to apply for community-driven improvement projects in the area of graffiti abatement and attempting to repair the harm of graffiti within the SE Uplift coalition area.

Special consideration will be given to projects that meet one or more of the following:

1. Demonstrate partnerships with Neighborhood Associations, Community-based organizations, particularly those serving under-engaged communities (including youth-oriented organizations), or Business Associations
2. Include an ongoing impact to the property or area for graffiti prevention and abatement.
3. Positively impact areas/locations with high visibility.
4. Include involvement of youth aged 10 to 21.
5. Help to address practical needs related to the recession such as fixing up run-down homes, businesses, parks, etc.
6. Include volunteers pledging to participate in the project with time and/or in-kind donations.

Deadline to apply is Friday, February 24 by 4PM.

Grants will be awarded on a competitive basis and may range from $500-$2500.

Click here for more information about SE Uplift’s grant program and how to apply.

For more information about the Graffiti Abatement Community Grants Program or for technical assistance with your application, please contact Kristen at kristen@southeast.org or 503-232-0010 x 319.

We encourage you to apply for your project today!

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