Change in City E-mail Addresses


For anyone who regularly communicates with city employees via e-mail, read on for some recent changes:

I’m sure most of you are aware of the fact that the City of Portland government e-mail addresses have changed and now use the new format:

What you may not have known is that up until December 1, 2011 the old city e-mail addresses (for example, would forward, but after 12/1/11 they no longer do. So at this point it is very important to make anyone attempting to communicate with city staff via e-mail are aware of the new e-mail addresses. We encourage you all to spread the word concerning this to any persons or groups that you know of that communicate with the city in this way.

Below is an announcement that we posted on our ONI Website that you may wish to use all of or part of if you want to help us get the word out to interested parties you may be aware of.


City of Portland e-mail address changes now in effect

Starting Dec. 1, 2011, City of Portland government e-mail addresses now use the format:

Examples of the old e-mail addresses that no longer work include addresses that end in:


The City of Portland starting using the new e-mail address format in March 2010, but still allowed messages in the old address format to be received during a long transition period (March 2010 through November 2011).


Individuals and neighborhood and community organizations that send emails to City of Portland leaders and staff should check their address books and e-mail distribution lists and update any addresses that still are in the old format.

Example:  One neighborhood district organization sends out a monthly e-newsletter through Constant Contact. After December 1, they found that all their mailings to city staff were bouncing back.

Update the City of Portland e-mail addresses in your address book to be sure your communications get through!

John R. Dutt
City/County Information and Referral Manager

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