Save Buckman Pool! (Again) Budget Forum Tonight!


Once again, the swimming pool at Buckman Elementary School is on the chopping block due to city budget issues. A group of concerned neighbors are mounting a campaign to keep the pool open. Christine Yun, one of the leaders of this effort, has penned an open letter to the community seeking folks who are willing to help save the pool. See below for more details. If you’re interested in participating and/or keeping abreast of the efforts, you can also join the Facebook group Save Buckman Pool at

Dear Buckman Community

Buckman Pool is the only Parks facility in the inner eastside.  We need to counter the negative article in the Portland Tribune last week,  Please consider writing a letter to the editor at both the Tribune and the Oregonian.  In addition, we need to ramp up our e-mails to City Hall.  Even if you have already sent an e-mail in, please send another.  Look for our rebuttal to the Tribune article this week.  It is also available as a pdf on our Facebook page, Save Buckman Pool, if you want to use the facts to help compose your own e-mail.

Of prime importance is to attend the budget hearing Thursday, April 11th at Montgomery Park, 6:30-8:30 pm.  It’s important to get there early to sign up to testify.  Those who arrive late were not allowed to testify.  Please also make sure that you print out your signs and bring them to the meeting.  Some smart people pasted them on to cardboard to make holding them up easier.  These were really effective.

Parents, please ask your children to testify – this is a great civic learning experience, and it really has convinced council in the past to keep Buckman Pool open.

There is a final city budget hearing Thursday, May 16th, 6:30-8:30 pm at City Hall.

Here is an updated e-mail list below:

  • Mayor Hales:
  • Grace Uwagbae, head of mayor’s constituent relations:
  • Matthew Robinson, policy analyst with the mayor:
  • Amanda Fritz:
  • Tom Bizeau, Fritz’s chief of staff:
  • Dan Saltzman:
  • Matt Grumm, Saltzman’s policy manager:
  • Nick Fish:
  • Mike Abbate, director of Parks:
  • Steve Novick:
  • Chris Warner, Novick’s chief of staff:
  • City Budget Office Director Andrew Scott:




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