Crowd-sourced map of Portland surveillance cameras


We recently received an e-mail from a company called, which sells (perhaps unsurprisingly) video surveillance equipment. They recently launched a web application that provides an interactive map of surveillance cameras in and around Portland. The idea is that residents who have been the victims of crime could use this information to determine if the activity was possibly caught on tape. Here’s their e-mail:

I wanted to pass along the message regarding a new Portland-based camera project that our company recently unleashed.  This new community-driven project called CommunityCam provides a map of the locations of public/private security cameras across Portland and its outlying areas. The map is crowd-sourced, meaning any resident, business owner, association, neighborhood group, or government organization, can add locations of surveillance cameras to help their neighbors.  People who experience crime can use the map to locate cameras that may have captured the activity and ask their neighbors for help.   It’s also good information for the public to have.

To date, we’ve mapped about 2,000 cameras in the Pacific NW (all physically seen), and believe it’ll be a great tool for local residents & businesses. We thought this might make for an interesting piece on BCA’s blog or social media pages. Please check out the project website:  It’s also optimized for iPhone/iPad devices. Anyone can view the locations of cameras; just use the scroll wheel on your mouse to zoom in on various neighborhoods. To add cameras, use the “+” balloon marker or type in the actual address in the search bar. It’s super easy to use, and free obviously.

Ellen Arndt
Communications Manager
PO Box 231299
Portland, OR 97281
Direct: (503) 597-0961
Fax: (503) 726-4407



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