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10th Annual Buddhist Festival in the Park, June 1st

May 3, 2013

We were recently contacted by the Buddhist Peace Fellowship of Portland, who wanted to tell us about their 10th annual Buddhist Festival, taking place in Colonel Summers park on Saturday, June 1st. Read on for details.

You Are Here
Navigating the Way
10th Annual Buddhist Festival in the Park
Saturday, June 1, 2013
11:00 a.m. – 4:30 pm
Colonel Summers Park
SE 17th and Taylor, Portland, Oregon

CONTACT: Heidi Enji Hoogstra

Dharma Talk and Panel Discussion on the Theme of
You Are Here
Washing the Baby Buddha Ceremony
Activities for Children
Tabling by Buddhist Communities
Food carts
Sales of Buddhist meditation supplies and imports

The place to be on June 1st is right here, the 10th Annual Buddhist Festival in the Park in Portland. You are Here. You could be nowhere but Here. Awareness of being just here, however, takes some practice, and Buddhists of many stripes are ready to share the way they navigate to this place right here.

Buddhism provides a refuge, a shelter that allows practitioners to sustain joy in the midst of suffering. It provides a way to navigate confusing and twisty paths, and helps people move from ways riddled with anger and fear to calm centeredness.

This tenth year of a Buddhist festival in the park is cause for celebration. The event gives the opportunity to introduce Buddhism to the curious, and it also gives people of many different communities a chance to meet and compare rituals and teachings, and share smiles. The festival organizers are especially happy to welcome food cart vendors Koi Fusion, Taco Pedaler, and Momo Cart. Karuna Meditation Supplies and Tibet-A-Gift ( will sell Buddhist meditation supplies and related imports.

Dan Rubin, professor at Maitripa College, and member of Portland Shambhala Meditation Center, will be the keynote speaker. He plans to speak of insomnia as it relates to his Buddhist practice.

Members of the panel for discussion were chosen for their diversity of representation of Buddhist sects as well as their varying lives and stages on their particular Buddhist paths. Rayna Jacobson of Portland Shambhala Center, Amanda Risser of Dharma Rain Zen Center, and Charles Reneau of Oregon Buddhist Temple are currently scheduled. Rayna is a licensed acupuncturist, RN, and a meditation teacher at Shambhala. Amanda is a busy doctor, mom, and rooky roller derby competitor, as well as dedicated lay Buddhist practitioner. Charlie is a younger member of Oregon Buddhist Temple, in the beginning years of his Buddhist path.

While the Dharma talk and panel discussion occur in the park’s main shelter, the children’s pavilion will be busy with story times, crafts, and other activities.

Activities for children and adults come together in two ceremonies. The schedule begins with a Washing the Baby Buddha Ceremony. Participants may offer flowers and pour sweet tea over the Baby Buddha. Legend says when the Buddha was born, flowers and sparkling water rained from the sky, and he took seven steps and declared, “I alone am the World Honored one.” Many Buddhists celebrate the Buddha’s birthday in the spring with this ceremony.

Later, another ceremony will celebrate the diversity of Buddhism to be found in the Portland area. Participants may offer incense, and can chant a mantra or verse from their own or one of the many traditions present. All chants will happen at once, a cacophony of voices practicing the art of being present.

Many different Portland area communities will be represented at the booths.  Pure Land, Zen, Vajrayana, Vipassana, and non-sectarian groups will share news and information about their communities.

The festival is free, and all are welcome.  Organizers ask for mindfulness regarding waste.

11 am: Tabling by participating groups, also throughout the day
11:50 am: 108 opening bells
12 noon: Washing the Baby Buddha Ceremony
12:30: Workshops: Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR), a way to incorporate the tools of Buddhism into your daily life, offered by Laura Jomon Martin; Short Intro to Buddhism, history and concepts, offered by Brenda Fugate, Oregon Buddhist Temple (see also Children’s Pavilion)
1:30 pm: Keynote speaker: Dan Rubin, Portland Shambhala Center, and Maitripa College
2:15 pm: Dharma song sing-along
2:30 pm: You Are Here Ceremony
3:00 pm: Panel Discussion: Rayna Jacobson, Portland Shambhala Center; Amanda Risser, Dharma Rain Zen Center; Charles Reneau, Oregon Buddhist Temple
4:00 pm: Raffle drawing (opportunity for one free ticket)
4:10 pm: Entertainment TBD

Children’s Pavilion Schedule
12 noon: Washing the Baby Buddha Ceremony
12:30 pm: Workshop: Chanting and Drumming by Jason Litts
1:00 pm to 4:00 pm: Geocache Treasure Hunt
(more of this schedule TBD)
2:15 pm: Dharma song sing-along
2:30 pm: You Are Here Ceremony
4:00 pm: Raffle Drawing and Closing

Participating groups so far include:
·        Buddhist Peace Fellowship, Portland (main sponsor)
·        Oregon Buddhist Temple
·        Dharma Rain Zen Center
·        Zen Community of Oregon (Heart of Wisdom and Great Vow Monastery)
·        Bright Way Zen
·        Maitripa College
·        Dance Mandal
·        Zen Center of Portland
·        Shambhala Meditation Center of Portland
·        Amitabha Buddhist Society of Oregon
·        TibetanPrayerFlag
·        Kagyu Changchub Chuling
·        Samden Ling