Friends of Trees Planting on December 7th; DISCOUNT!


We recently received the following item from Jeff Burns at Friends of Trees and wanted to pass it along. We heart trees!


Buckman, Hosford-Abernethy, and Richmond neighbors will be planting trees on December 7th.

Friends of Trees is offering discounted street and yard trees for $50.00. This includes assistance in selecting the correct tree, coordination with utilities, permits, hole digging, and mulch.

On planting day, neighbors get together in the morning to plant trees in the neighborhood, and cap the morning with a lunch and social. Planting day is an interactive class on tree planting & care, and a great way to meet neighbors and improve the neighborhood.

Additional services include two year watering contracts for $175, an excellent choice for commercial businesses, industries, apartment complexes and rental units where a person dedicated to summertime watering is not on site.

Concrete cutting is available for $100, to create a space for trees. For active business and industry where trees are prone to abuse, commercial trees with a larger trunk and watering contract are $300.

Sign up to plant, or order, at, or call 503.282.8846. I am also available as a local Buckman Volunteer Coordinator, to answer questions and meet with you on site to help with tree selection. You can reach me by e-mail at

Jeff Burns
jeff c burns . buckman neighborhood coordinator . 503.351.6553 .

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