Information on Illegal Dumping from Metro


Our friends at SE Uplift recently forwarded us a message from Metro regarding the dumping of furniture, large appliances, and other items on our neighborhood curbs. Timely stuff, considering the upcoming Kerns/Buckman Neighborhood Cleanup event taking place on Saturday, April 19th from 9am-12:00pm in the parking lot of Hinson Baptist Church at SE 20th Avenue & Salmon! Read on for details on Metro policies regarding this practice…

Illegal Dumping a Problem in Your Neighborhood?  Be Part of the Solution!

It’s unsightly, dirty and dangerous. It can harm you, your family, waterways and wildlife when improperly disposed. It’s the used tires, mattresses, old furniture, TVs and various other junk illegally dumped at street corners, vacant lots, and back alleys.  And Metro’s Regional Illegal Dumping (RID) Patrol wants you to help by being part of the solution and not part of the problem.  Here’s what you can do:

  • Do not abandon unwanted furniture, TVs or other items at the curb or on street corners.  Such items quickly become unusable eyesores.  Instead, call Metro Recycling Information (503-234-3000) to find out the best way to donate, recycle, or dispose of such items.
  • Do not hire strangers to haul away your trash, yard debris, or other unwanted items.  Unscrupulous individuals may dump such material in the first dark alley, or empty lot they come across, leaving you responsible for the cleanup!  Instead, use only licensed or permitted haulers for your waste disposal needs.
  • If you witness illegal dumping, take note of the vehicle’s make, color, and license plate number – do not confront the dumpers. Contact Metro right away.

RID Patrol uses inmate crews to clean up illegal dumping on publicly-owned lands within the metropolitan region.  When evidence is found at the dumpsites or witnesses can provide information, Metro will investigate and try to track down the dumpers.  Citations for illegal dumping can carry a fine of up to $500 plus cleanup and disposal costs.

When RID Patrol crews come across illegally-dumped bulky items, such as sofas and mattresses, they first “tag” the items with a brightly colored notice to let the dumper know the item has been illegally dumped. The notice also urges any witnesses to contact Metro.  If the item is still on site a week later, a RID Patrol crew will haul it away.

Each year RID Patrol cleans up about 2,000 illegal dump sites.  Report illegal dumpsites before they grow.  Call RID Patrol at 503-234-3000 or report an illegal dumpsite online at

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