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WAMO Meeting Re-Scheduled…again

February 8, 2011

The meeting scheduled for Thursday, February 24th to discuss the status of the Washington High School community center project has been rescheduled for Monday, February 28th to avoid a conflict with the BCA monthly general meeting on the 24th.

New meeting date/time:
Monday, February 28th
6:00 PM to 7:30 PM
Commission for the Blind
535 SE 12th Ave

Childcare is available; please request childcare no later than February 18th by e-mailing elizabeth.kennedy-wong(at)portlandoregon(dot)gov.

WAMO Status Meeting Re-Scheduled

January 14, 2011

We posted recently about an upcoming meeting hosted by Portland Parks & Recreation to discuss the status of the Washington High School community center project. We learned this morning that the meeting, originally scheduled for this coming monday, January 17th, has been postponed. Here’s the scoop from PP&R Community Engagement and Public Involvement Manager Elizabeth Kennedy-Wong:

As many of your already realized – Monday is a holiday.  This meeting was intended to coincide with the completion of the Washington High School Community Center Report.  Completion of that report was delayed.  It will be complete and available for public review by Monday, January 24th.

Additionally, PPS will have completed its work on the contracting process and we will have a better sense of how that work may impact this project.

New Meeting Date/Time
Thursday, February 24th
6:00 PM to 7:30 PM
Location TBD

Childcare is available – please request childcare no later than February 17.

We’ll keep you posted on the meeting location when we’re updated.

Washington High School Community Center Status Meeting, January 17th

December 20, 2010

We received an e-mail from Elizabeth Kennedy-Wong with Portland Parks and Recreation on December 17th about an upcoming community meeting to discuss the status of the Washington High School community center effort. The text of the e-mail is below:


Dear Community Center Supporters,

Please join us to disucss the most recent developments in the creation of a community center in Inner Southeast Portland.

The Project Manager will discuss the project report (available online after January 7th), discuss and reveiw options and refine the location of the drop-off and entrance.

The meeting will be:

Monday, January 17th
6:00 – 8:00 PM
location tbd….

Childcare is available – please request childcare no later than January 10th.

Stay Tuned…


Elizabeth Kennedy-Wong
Community Engagement and Public Involvement Manager
Portland Parks and Recreation
(503) 823-5113

Please note – my email address is now –


We’ll post further details when we get them.

Activity on the Washington High School Front

December 17, 2010

Portland Public Schools is talking to developers about Washington High School:

After a plan to redevelop Washington High School into a community center for Portland Parks and Recreation failed to pencil out earlier this year, the school district in November issued a Request for Information from developers interested in reusing the structure, according to Kerry Hampton, property development manager for Portland Public Schools.

Via the Daily Journal of Commerce.

Washington HS Community Center Open House

August 17, 2009

After much work & anticipation, the second of three open houses regarding the Washington High School Community Center will be held on Tuesday, August 25, 2009 from 7:00-9:00pm at Buckman Elementary School, 320 SE 16th Avenue.

This is the chance to preview and comment on three design options and see how your vision for this facility matches with your friends and neighbors.  These designs will have incorporated results from the survey recently conducted by the BCA and Portland Parks & Recreation.

For more information on the project, Advisory Committee meetings and additional background information, go to  For specific interests, ideas and concerns, please email

Childcare is available but must be requested by August 21st.  Call 503/823-5113.


East Burnside Couplet Groundbreaking

August 16, 2009

From Mayor Sam Adams on August 12th, 2009:

Portland’s Central Eastside has languished for too long. Today marked a step toward a bustling, vital future for the district. This afternoon, I kicked off the official groundbreaking for the East Burnside/Couch Couplet Project.

Slated for completion by next fall, the project will create a new kind of one-way couplet: one designed to improve safety on one of our busiest arterials and humanize a street that has served as a barrier and has shortchanged the businesses and neighborhoods surrounding it. In the process, the project will create 120 jobs over the next 14 months.

I have long been a champion of this project, which reflects years of planning and community engagement. Property owners, businesses, and transportation advocates came together to create a vision that will prime redevelopment along Burnside. The completed couplet will feature bike lanes on Burnside from the east end of the bridge to 13th. It will offer safe crossings at every corner and a street environment that invites people to visit, dine, shop, and walk.

The project also includes “green street” improvements – trees and
stormwater swales that enhance the streetscape, filter stormwater, and protect water quality in the Willamette River. It will transform the intersection at Sandy and Burnside, providing an eastern “gateway” to the lower Burnside district, and moving traffic efficiently through what has been called the worst intersection in Portland.

Today’s groundbreaking happens thanks to an array of partners.
Neighbors from the Kerns and Buckman neighborhoods put in countless hours, as did the East Burnside Couch Design Advisory Committee and the Central Eastside Industrial Council. We owe them enormous thanks. In addition, special thanks go to Congressman Earl Blumenauer, an early proponent of the project who secured millions of dollars in federal funding for the project.

This is the type of project that makes Portland exceptional. It reflects our community engagement, our commitment to environmental sustainability, our investment in local businesses, and our willingness to take risks. I am proud to be a part of it, and am deeply grateful to all of those in the city who have helped to make it happen.

For more information about the project, visit

Public Comment On Streetcar Concept Plan

July 16, 2009

The Portland Bureau of Transportation has released a draft of the Portland Streetcar System Concept Plan, available at  It identifies high priority and other potential future streetcar routes in Portland.

As it pertains to Buckman, there is a priority route from downtown heading out Belmont to 39th, then south to Hawthorne to 50th.  Hawthorne is a potential alternate route.

The 45-day public comment period on the plan runs until August 14th (comment forms are available online at the link above), so please review it and make comments if you have an interest in (for, against, or neutral) the streetcar and the possibility of a line through Buckman.   On August 11th, the Portland Planning Commission will hold a hearing on the plan and it will go before the City Council on September 9th.

Update On Portland Plan

July 13, 2009

Dear fellow Portlander,

Thank you for your interest and participation in the early phases of the development of the Portland Plan.

As director of the new Bureau of Planning and Sustainability (BPS), I am truly excited about the opportunity to develop a plan that promotes a healthy, prosperous and environmentally sustainable community. A quality plan absolutely must have the involvement of a broad base of Portland residents and businesses. To that end, I am writing you to bring you up to date on the Portland Plan.

The Portland Plan process started two years ago and built on the important work done through visionPDX. Through that effort, an impressive amount of information was gathered. Much of that can be reviewed in the Community Input Summary, which captures 17,000 comments from a wide variety of Portlanders and is available online at We also developed the Portland Plan Outreach Chronicles to summarize what we heard during the public meetings and summits in May and June 2008 (

More recently, Mayor Adams appointed a Community Involvement Committee for the Plan. This committee was formed to help design and monitor the public involvement efforts for the Plan. The committee will met for the first time today, July 8, 2009. In addition, at least two other advisory groups will be established to provide advice on the content of the Portland Plan and Central City Plan. Members for these committees will be drawn from the Mayor’s cabinets and other organizations to evaluate the technical work of staff.

Over the next three months, BPS staff, under the leadership of Chief Planner Joe Zehnder, will provide background information on key trends, conditions and issues facing Portland. This information will be available by mid-August and then be merged with provisional citywide goals and indicators in a Baseline Report due out in September.

Later this fall, Portlanders will be able to roll up their sleeves and work with each other to develop components of the Portland Plan. BPS will hold a series of community workshops where you will be able to discuss key issues and test “what if” scenarios that help describe the characteristics of the Portland you want to see in the future. I hope you will join us at these workshops and bring your neighbors, friends and coworkers to these events. The more people you bring along to participate, the more the Portland Plan will be a true reflection of our community.

As we move forward with the development of the Plan, I will send out quarterly updates and you can visit the BPS website any time for news or information at http://www.portlandonline/

So stay tuned, and stay involved. Your participation is essential.

All the best,
Susan Anderson
Bureau of Planning and Sustainability

Land Use Notices for Buckman

July 13, 2009

Neighbors wanting to find out more about proposed development in their community, have only to go to the City of Portland Development Services website and search under your neighborhood for notices. Often development that causes changes that might impact an area, fall under “design review”, or call for specific code adjustments has to go through a land-use review. Neighbors can submit comments as well as concerns and suggestions to development services staff. Also, the BCA can assist residents with their concerns and can file an appeal on a decision with a waived fee.

Feel free to contact the BCA with your land use questions or to register concerns on proposed developments. Click the link below to keep abreast of proposed building plans in your area.

Main Street, Portland Coalition News

June 13, 2009

The Portland Main Street Coalition has been active this spring. Several weeks ago we co-sponsored a workshop about the future growth and densification of inner city residential neighborhoods in order to allow neighborhood representatives the opportunity to express their concerns to local officials about the potential degradation it too much unregulated growth occurs.

Related to this is Senate Bill 907 which is intended to expand design review along Portland’s main streets and in town centers.  Unfortunately this was not successful due to the powerful homebuilders lobby and a senate committee that did not have any Portland representatives.  We were very pleased with the support given by our Mayor, Sam Adams, and many other progressive organizations and individuals.  This discussion will continue until ways are found to insure quality development in Portland.

And finally we have been focused on the upcoming development of the Portland Plan that will direct the future growth of Portland for the next thirty years.  This plan has been delayed due to the city budget reduction and will be scaled back or possible even discontinued in favor of more specific shorter range action plan that will result in specific improvements in Portland.

St. Clair Apartments Restoration

June 13, 2009

Buckman’s St. Clair apartment building was built in 1900 and suffered an unfortunate ‘modernization’ many years ago that involved encasing the building in stucco. The original design and balcony structure have been restored along with the original siding and trim. This one hundred year old this building typifies a medium density project that enhances the surrounding Buckman neighborhood.

The building, at 13th and Taylor, was restored from plans by Communitecture, the Portland firm that specializes in sustainable, community-oriented design. The architect for the project is Buckman resident and leader, Christine Yun who has involved herself with the renovation of Washington High School Community Center, the restoration of Buckman Pool, the Buckman Historic District, and the Main Street Portland Coalition.

One finds in the Claire apartments, twenty apartments with studios, one, and two bedrooms. The kinds of materials in this building will never be found in a new building, such as the Ionic columns in the foyer made with old growth Douglas fir. Inside, the building’s historical accuracy has been thoughtfully maintained. We hope that more of the historic older buildings as well as the newer buildings of dubious quality are redone in a similar manner.