Have an event to announce or an article to contribute?  Contact the Buckman Community Association at, (503) 236-2214 or visit the website.

4 Responses to “Contact”

  1. jasperjon Says:

    Hi BCA!

    First, thanks for all the good works. I’ve been in SE Portland for the last 3 years, first in Sunnyside and now in Buckman, and I’m glad to have made it to my first BCA meeting last week.

    I wanted to comment about the newsletter: I volunteered to deliver, but I ran out of copies. I did deliveries for the Sunnyside newsletter, and I think we can borrow some of their ideas for how to organize delivery. I wasn’t completely sure what my boundaries were, and I’d prefer to do a smaller chunk of addresses. I’d be happy to help the newletter organizers – how do I get in touch with them?

    Again, thanks for all the great work,


  2. buckmanvoice Says:

    Hi Jasper – it was great meeting you and thanks for volunteering to help deliver the newsletters! You can contact me (Jeff) at jeffrey.m.west (at) gmail (dot) com or 503/709-7703 and Melinda at Melinda_Tanasescu(at)beavton(dot)k12(dot)or(dot)us. I’ve got plenty more copies on hand.

  3. Kirby Urner Says:

    Hi BCA —

    As one of the people who enjoy Colonel Summers Park, I have become alarmed by the militaristic “surge” mentality expressed at the most recent BCA meeting. The word “surge” was used several times by BCA members, as well as Parks and Rec. The militarization of language in the civilian sphere is highly troubling.

    A “surge” is a “killing spree” against “enemy combatants” with no rights to due process. American citizens have been so classified and murdered by the US government (cite ‘Dirty Wars’ recently playing downtown).

    Using this language domestically, in Portland, in reference to Portland residents, is almost unforgivable. We were also warned by anthropologists at Reed College two years ago that this day would come.

    As users of the park, we are planning to counter with a boycott of Buckman businesses pending an apology from Parks and Rec and we hope some resignations by “surge” architects. Our grievances have already been clearly expressed in writing to the relevant city officials.


    Kirby Urner
    Richmond Neighbor
    Colonel Summers Park user

  4. Melissa Howells Says:

    The October 2014 issue was just delivered to my doorstop. It is November already. As someone who is very much put off by all the development goings on here, I was chagrined to see I was invited to testify in person at a public hearing to voice my opinions November 4th 2014…at 4pm. Well, uh, er…excuse me…but news is suppose to be timely, and that date has already come and gone. Let me tell you people make a bigger impact if they show up in PERSON. It means that have true conviction beyond their beliefs. I know you probably do your best to get the paper out…but this ought have been in the September edition…unless you and your publication are being DELIBERATELY kept in the dark about rezoning updates so that you cannot post the information to the public in a timely manner. Folks do not know what PURPLE ZONING means…it means lots of those square high rise apartment complexes which frequently do not have parking in them which also impinge upon local resident’s parking rights and block their views and the sun (literally.) Frequently, the developer did not care enough to meet with the neighbors of that particular neighborhood before said development…as was noted in an article in the SE Examiner about an apartment complex built on 38th and Division which has a water feature and a sushi restaurant on its main level. Until developers begin to consider the community as a whole, I feel it is our right to express our views loud and clearly at any and all rezoning meetings. That is why it is so important the information get out in a timely manner. Once an old tree is cut down, it takes another hundred plus years to grow another one in its place. It is the same with an old home and a community. Once you tear down a beautiful old 100 plus year old home it is gone forever. I don’t care for how these developers are changing the character and complexion of our neighborhoods and replacing what was there before with such stark ugliness. This is my opinion.

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